Root Canals

A Perfect Smile Falmouth, ME works hard to keep your mouth functioning at a high level and your teeth intact for a lifetime. One way we sometimes do this is through root canals. Root canal treatment is not the terrifying procedure like some of us have been led to believe. Root canals, when done right, are practically painless procedures that save the life of your tooth – and relieve discomfort associated with infected teeth and tooth abscesses.

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Know the Truth About Root Canals at A Perfect Smile

  • Experience No-Pain Dentistry – Our dental office is committed to your comfort. To be sure you don’t experience pain during your root canal, we numb the entire area before we begin treatment. We also use modern tools and techniques to reduce any discomfort or dental anxiety.
  • Save Your Real Teeth – If you have a damaged nerve and pulp inside your tooth, a root canal is your best option. The only other way to eliminate this type of tooth infection would be to extract your damaged tooth. We want to help you save your teeth whenever possible.
  • Eliminate Infections – Dental infections can spread and affect your entire smile, so it is imperative that you get them taken care of fast.
  • Done in a Single Visit – Our team is so experienced at root canals that they can treat your tooth in a single office visit. If you are in a lot of pain and believe you have a dental emergency, we can even see you the same day you call.

Save Your Smile with Root Canal Treatment at A Perfect Smile

Painful or sensitive tooth? You can schedule your root canals Falmouth, ME area appointment today by calling us at 207-536-3508 or using our online form. Our team will make sure your smile stays safe and problem-free.

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Video: Root Canal Treatment at A Perfect Smile - Dr. Robert Nelson Falmouth, ME Dentist

Dr. Robert Nelson explains more about Root Canals and the procedures how they can finish the procedure in just one visit and make it painless and less discomfort after. To Know more about Dr. Robert Nelson, DDS and the dental services offered, visit A Perfect Smile Falmouth, ME dentist office or call 207-536-3508 to schedule your appointment today. Follow Dr. Nelson and A Perfectsmile on: Facebook: Google+ : Watch more videos from Dr. Nelson at A Perfect Smile 168 US Route One Falmouth, ME 04105 (207) 536-3508