Dental Crowns & Bridges

For more than two decades, the team at A Perfect Smile has been repairing damaged teeth and filling gaps left by missing teeth with dental crowns and dental bridges. If you have missing or damaged teeth, our experienced team at A Perfect Smile will help you navigate your restorative dentistry solutions and get you started on the path to a better, healthier smile.
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What Is a Dental Crown?

Dental crowns are small dental restorations that fit over damaged teeth to repair them, seal out bacteria, and protect them from further damage. We use zirconia and e.max ceramic to craft our custom dental crowns. We also restore dental implants with solid metal-free dental crowns that blend seamlessly into your smile.

What Do Dental Crowns Treat?

  • Cracks and Breaks – Your tooth will look and work like new with metal-free dental crowns from A Perfect Smile. Our crowns will also seal out the harmful bacteria in your mouth that can work its way into cracks or breaks.
  • Root Canals – The final step in root canal treatment is often a dental crown. This keeps your natural tooth intact and safe from further infection.
  • Tooth Decay – Dental crowns are great for repairing heavily decayed teeth that are too far gone for a simple tooth filling.
  • Missing Teeth – We can attach a solid dental crown to a dental implant to replace a missing tooth. The crown forms the part of your dental implant that people see.

What Is an Inlay and an Onlay?

Inlays and onlays are partial dental crowns. Inlays cover the inside biting surface of your tooth, while an onlay extends onto the outer portion as well.

Porcelain Dental Bridges Can Transform Your Smile

Our porcelain bonded dental bridges are great for replacing a missing tooth. We also can help you with implant-supported dental bridges that replace many teeth for a secure hold. Talk to our team today about which option they would recommend for replacing your missing teeth.

Trust Our Restorative Dentistry Experts to Repair Your Damaged Teeth

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