Relieving Dental Anxiety

Are you afraid of going to the dentist? Have bad past experiences caused you to avoid visiting the dentist at all costs? A Perfect Smile in Falmouth, ME wants to help. We offer a holistic approach to dental care that eliminates discomfort and has you feeling totally at ease while in the patient chair. Let our sympathetic, experienced team help relieve dental anxiety Falmouth, ME area today. Call our dental office at 207-536-3508 to schedule a time to come in and talk about what your smile needs and how we can help.

There Is Nothing to Fear at A Perfect Smile

Advanced Dental Techniques – Our team has spent countless hours learning the latest dental techniques and implementing innovative technology that increases your comfort level. You will not have to deal with ineffective or painful dental treatments as a patient of A Perfect Smile.

Calming, Caring Staff – Our dental staff understands how hard it is for you to walk into a dental office, and we have been trained to do whatever we can to make it as easy as possible for you. We can offer you a number of unique patient comfort options, from paraffin hand dips to warm neck towels, refreshments, and TVs, to help you ease into your visit.

No-Guilt Dentistry – You do not have to worry that you’ll get a lecture from our staff about being inconsistent with your dental visits. We will not guilt-trip you because of the condition of your smile. What we will do is treat your smile and get it back to a condition you can be proud of.

Your Smile Is in Good Hands at A Perfect Smile

Call our Falmouth, ME dentist office today at 207-536-3508 to schedule your dental appointment and as us how we can help you relieve dental anxiety Falmouth, ME area. You can use our online form to schedule your visit or even ask us questions you might have. Our experienced and caring staff will do all we can to make sure you are calm and at ease every minute you are in our care.

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Video: Relieving Dental Anxiety at A Perfect Smile - Dr. Robert Nelson Falmouth, ME Dentist

Dr. Nelson uses different techniques to help patients comfortable during their visit and during the treatment to help them relieve dental anxiety ( To Know more about Dr. Robert Nelson, DDS and the dental services offered, visit A Perfect Smile Falmouth, ME dentist office or call 207-536-3508 to schedule your appointment today. Follow Dr. Nelson and A Perfectsmile on: Facebook: Google+ : Watch more videos from Dr. Nelson at