Family Dentistry

Taking care of every smile in your family is something you can look forward to as a patient here at A Perfect Smile in Falmouth, ME. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, A Perfect Smile has the skills and resources to make sure your mouth is healthy, functional, and looking great when you leave our Falmouth, ME dental office. With eight operatories and five hygienists, you and your children can get your teeth cleaned at the same time. Call our family dentistry office today at 207-536-3508 to schedule your family dentistry Falmouth, ME appointments.

Taking Care of Your Family Under One Roof

Here are a few ways we can help your family through the early years of dental care:

  • Your Child’s First Dental Visit – It is important for your child to get a positive first impression of the family dentist. Our caring staff will make sure that nothing scary or painful happens to your child when they come to visit us, and we’ll even let your little ones test out our chair for a ride! Your kids will leave A Perfect Smile with a happier, healthier smile every time.
  • Thumb Sucking – Talk to our experienced staff about ways to help break your child of their thumb-sucking habit. If they continue to do it past a certain age, it could potentially affect their teeth alignment and require braces.
  • Teething Phase – The teething phase is hard, we know. The good news is that it doesn’t last forever, and our expert team of family dentist can give you tips on how to ease your child’s pain and give them relief.

A Perfect Smile Is Here to Help Your Family

Call our office today at 207-536-3508 to schedule your family dentistry Falmouth, ME. You can set up a time to come in using our online form as well. Our caring team will make sure your time with us is something you all can look forward to.

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Video: Family Dentistry at A Perfect Smile - Dr. Rober Nelson Falmouth, ME Dentist

Dr. Nelson also offers family dentistry treatment ( and with enough dental hygienist available in the practice, they can attend all family members all at once. To Know more about Dr. Robert Nelson, DDS and the dental services offered, visit A Perfect Smile Falmouth, ME dentist office or call 207-536-3508 to schedule your appointment today. Follow Dr. Nelson and A Perfectsmile on: Facebook: Google+ : Watch more videos from Dr. Nelson at