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Are your ribs bruised from where your bed partner keeps elbowing you because you snore? Snoring is annoying enough by itself, but it can often be a sign of a more serious condition – obstructive sleep apnea. Sleep apnea can disrupt your sleep dozens of times each hour! The good news is that Dr. Nelson at A Perfect Smile offers safe, effective sleep apnea treatment in our Falmouth, ME dentist office.

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Meet Charlie

Imagine a man named Charlie. He is just your average middle-aged guy, in apparent good health. Charlie isn’t a couch potato, but he’s not out running marathons either.

His wife, Judy, has noticed that his snoring has become more frequent and intense lately. Plus, he seems to quit breathing sometimes, only to awaken briefly with a snort, take a few breaths, and settle back into sleep before the cycle repeats itself.

One day when Judy while talking to a coworker about Charlie’s sleep habits, the coworker told her about a treatment for sleep apnea that her own husband had been using. Judy listened intently as her colleague explained how her husband used to be just like Charlie – a loud snorer who often quit breathing for a few seconds. He would wake up grumpy and feel tired throughout the day also.

At the recommendation of her coworker, Judy contacted their family dentist and scheduled Charlie for a sleep apnea consultation. If treatment could help her friend’s husband, then why not Charlie, too?

Know What Sleep Apnea Is & How We Treat It

As it turns out, your family dentist – one just like A Perfect Smile – can offer you simple sleep apnea treatment with a comfortable oral appliance.

But what is sleep apnea? you may be wondering. When you sleep it is normal for the soft tissues in the back of your throat – including your tongue – to relax. However, when they relax so much that they block off your airway, sleep apnea occurs – your air flow gets restricted and you stop breathing for a few seconds.

When this happens, your brain signals your body to wake up and take in more oxygen. So you awaken slightly, breathe normally a few times, then fall back asleep – usually without even knowing it!

This cycle can repeat itself over and over during the night – up to 50 times per hour for those of us suffering from severe sleep apnea.

But A Perfect Smile can help! Our gentle oral appliance is designed to exert slight pressure on your lower jaw, pushing it and the tissues in your throat away from your airway.

This helps keep your airway open to prevent sleep apnea and the noisy snoring that goes along with it. You and your sleep partner will sleep better. And your ribs will have a chance to heal…

Sleep Apnea Can Cause Big Problems For You

But what’s the big deal with sleep apnea? So I’m a little tired. It’s not a problem.

Well, it is a problem. Left untreated, sleep apnea can contribute to several major health issues, including heart disease, diabetes, strokes, high blood pressure, heart attacks, and depression. It’s not something to fool around with. By stopping the effects of sleep apnea now, you can help prevent having future health problems centered around these serious issues.

Plus, you’ll wake up feeling more rested and be more productive during the day. You’ll get more done, be more relaxed and less grumpy, and others will enjoy spending time with you!

All you have to do to get started is contact our office and schedule a consultation. We’ll ask you a few questions to determine if you might benefit from sleep apnea treatment and discuss your options with you. Call us today at 207-536-3508. You can also use our convenient online form.

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