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There’s a reason we call our Falmouth, ME practice A Perfect Smile. It’s our name and our promise. We don’t believe in one cookie-cutter look for each patient. Instead, we think each person has a perfect smile just for them. With our holistic approach to dentistry, we consider how cosmetic dentistry will affect the whole person and not just their mouth. Your emotional health is deeply connected to your self-esteem, and a perfect smile is a guaranteed confidence-booster.

The way we see it, a smile makeover can transform you all the way from the outside in.

Choose a Comprehensive Plan Instead of Procedures as You Go

Why does it matter to us that you have a plan for your smile makeover? Because no part of you exists outside of your entire body. The color and shape of your teeth work together to make up your smile, and your smile is the cornerstone of your appearance.

Have you ever seen a house that’s gone through several renovations under different owners? Some of them look like two – or three! – different houses fused together.

Compare that to a house designed by an architect. Everything from electrical outlet placement to the lighting plan has been created to work together toward one comprehensive look. At A Perfect Smile, we want to be your smile architect – and builder.

Start with the End in Mind

When we work together to come up with your smile makeover plan, we can be sure you’re getting what looks best for you rather than what is currently trending. Many celebrities have broad, white smiles from veneers. But maybe you can achieve your dream smile with a one-time tooth bonding instead. The best way to find out is our big-picture approach.

Having an end goal and an idea of the steps to get there can actually bring you faster results. Before we ever start on your smile makeover, we do a mock-up using wax and digital imaging. You’ll know exactly what to expect and when you’ve achieved your perfect smile. We also can combine procedures, spending less time on multiple appointments.

Know What to Expect

The two main components of your smile’s appearance are the color and shape of your teeth. We address both in a variety of ways depending on the condition of your teeth and your desired results:

  • Tooth bonding involves the application of a putty-like resin to your problem tooth, smoothing out cracks, chips, and stains. Once we’re sure it looks natural and perfect for you, we seal it with a special laser. And that’s it!
  • With tooth and gum contouring, we can smooth out imperfections like a gummy smile or misshapen teeth without adding anything to them. Because enamel doesn’t grow back, you won’t ever have to have your teeth re-contoured.
  • We offer Zoom Whitening in two forms. Choose in-office to dial up your brightness more quickly, or choose at-home for a more convenient whitening at your own pace. Both are stronger than anything you can find at your local drugstore, and with our supervision, both are also safer.

Cover a Multitude of Flaws with Veneers

What if your smile has suffered extensive damage and you want to conceal gaps, cracks, and stains? Easy as blueberry pie (which might also be responsible for those stains)!

Veneers are basically a reset button for your smile. These thin slips of porcelain are fitted over your teeth to discreetly and naturally disguise the look of:

  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • Misshapen or oddly sized teeth
  • Dark, deep stains
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Moderately crooked teeth

To prevent them from looking cartoonish, we remove a small amount of your tooth enamel, allowing the veneers to blend in naturally for a perfect smile.

We offer two kinds of veneers:

  • e.max Veneers – These are about as thick as a contact lens, requiring only a bit of your tooth enamel to be removed. The veneer bonds strongly to your teeth and rests naturally on them.
  • DURAthin Veneers – This ultra-thin option doesn’t require any enamel to be removed. We can apply them in less time than a regular veneer and can remove them if your taste changes.

Dr. Nelson and the rest of the folks at A Perfect Smile appreciate the science and artistry that go into veneer placement. In fact, we’re one of the only dental offices in the entire state of Maine to offer DURAthin Veneers. We’re that committed to providing you the best options.

Don’t Just Jump on the Bandwagon

Our team at A Perfect Smile has worked hard to provide quality options that can be tailored to your wants and needs. Our holistic approach values what makes you unique, and we want to help you become the best version of yourself.

At the end of the day, your smile is at stake. You deserve an inclusive knowledge of what we offer so that you feel confident – in us, and in yourself. Call us at 207-546-3508 to partner on your perfect smile.


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