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A Perfect Smile in Falmouth, ME wants all of our patients to have great smiles, but you can’t have a great smile if you are dealing with damaged teeth. Restorative dentistry from our team can fix the problems you are facing and give you a fully functional mouth again.

With our full range of restorative dentistry treatments, there is virtually no problem we cannot make better. Trust your smile to the team here at A Perfect Smile today. Call us at 207-781-2448 to schedule a time to come in and discuss how we can help you get a confident smile.

Save Your Smile with Restorative Dentistry

Damaged teeth not only affect your appearance. They also affect your confidence, which impacts your quality of life. Damaged teeth can cause pain while you eat, damage your other teeth, and even affect your overall level of health. Make sure you know what options you have available when you need to have your teeth repaired.


Cracked Teeth – Cracked teeth are a danger mainly because they are just one misstep away from breaking. The last thing you want to have to deal with is a dental emergency (though we can help with that if necessary!). Minor cracks that don’t fully penetrate the tooth enamel are often repaired through simple tooth bonding, but more severe cracks need a more durable solution. Here are your options.


Dental Veneers – Dental veneers are often referred to as a cosmetic dentistry solution, but they also have restorative dentistry applications. Our e.max ceramic veneers or DuraThin porcelain veneers do a great job of supporting cracked teeth and protecting them against breaking.

Dental Crowns – Another effective solution for a cracked tooth is a dental crown. This restorative fix will totally cover your damaged tooth and make sure it is safe from future harm.


Broken Teeth – A broken tooth, like a cracked tooth, is something you need address immediately. Not only is it painful, but it exposes the inside of your tooth to the harsh environment of your mouth. The constant bacteria and food debris in your mouth can infect the delicate nerve and pulp inside your tooth.


Dental Crowns – Dental crowns are wonderful for taking care of a broken tooth. Not only does the crown cover and hold the broken pieces of the tooth together, but it also seals out the bacteria and other debris from getting into your tooth and causing problems.


Tooth Infection – When a tooth becomes infected, you are likely going to feel signs. Pain is one symptom, but you might have others such as swelling in the area, feeling warm to the touch, and pressure. You need to have the infection addressed by Dr. Nelson fast. If the infection is allowed to linger, you could lose your tooth and suffer damage to other teeth and your dental bone.


Root Canal – Root canals are able to clear your infection and save the life of your tooth at the same time. Your tooth is filled and sealed, and a dental crown is placed to give you a fully functional tooth once again. We can perform root canals in one visit.


Tooth Decay – Cavities are an enemy of any smile. One way to keep your smile free of cavities is through regular dental cleanings and dental exams at our office. If your tooth does fall prey to tooth decay, the team here at A Perfect Smile can help. We offer a couple of very effective solutions to your tooth decay dilemma.


Tooth Filling – In order to stop tooth decay, the decay needs to be removed. This leaves a void in your tooth, and a tooth filling from A Perfect Smile can take care of that fast. Our composite resin tooth fillings will perfectly match the color of your natural tooth and give you back a great appearance that is totally decay-free.

Dental Crown – Extensive tooth decay may have taken too much of your natural tooth. Without enough tooth material, a dental filling may not be an option. In those cases, a dental crown is a great alternative. These “caps” for your teeth will hold the tooth together and allow you to keep your real tooth.

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