Mouthguards Can Keep Your Family Smiling When the Games Are Over (infographic)

mouthguards_3 | A Perfect Smile - Falmouth, ME Dental Practice

Does your sport of choice involve one or more of these things?

  • Changes in speed and/or direction
  • Jumping
  • Throwing, hitting, and/or catching balls, pucks, etc.
  • Contact between athletes

If yes, then you play a high-impact sport. And if you play a high-impact sport, then you should be wearing a custom-fitted athletic mouthguard.

If you live in or near Falmouth, ME, we can make a mouthguard for you at A Perfect Smile. To learn more or to make an appointment with us, fill out our online form or call (207) 536-3508.

Whether you are a professional athlete, a college role-player, part of a recreational team, or a youth star in the making, you deserve to keep smiling when the games are over. That’s easier to do when you have all your teeth.

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