Leave The Yellow To The Trees & Whiten Your Teeth

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Living in the Maine, we are treated to some of the most beautiful colors every fall. People travel just to see the changes in our trees. The oranges, purples, reds, and yellows make for spectacular pictures.

The same cannot be said of your smile, however. If your teeth are yellow, it may make you want to hide your camera to avoid having your picture taken at all.

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can have a bright smile again. You can get professional teeth whitening at our dentist office in Falmouth, ME.

At A Perfect Smile, we offer both in-office and take-home whitening treatments for our patients. We’ll discuss the similarities and differences below.

Regardless of which option you prefer, make plans to visit us if you are interested in having a white smile again. You can call (207) 536-3508 or contact us online to request an appointment.


Why Try Professional Teeth Whitening?

At this point, you may be wondering why you should go to the dentist when there are whitening products available at your local store.

Well, they aren’t as effective as the professional products that we provide. That’s not just us saying that. That’s from the American Dental Association Council on Scientific Affairs.

After studying various whitening products, here are some the council’s conclusions:

■ Whitening toothpaste can remove surface stains, but it does not contain a bleaching agent to remove deep stains.

■ Commercial whitening gels and strips do contain bleaching agents so they can do more than whitening toothpaste.

■ However, professional whitening products are significantly stronger than commercial whitening products.

Specifically, professional whitening products can have bleaching agent concentrations that are 7 to 11 times higher than commercial products. That’s why professional teeth whitening can work faster and more effectively than commercial products.

We also know this anecdotally. So many patients have come to us for professional whitening because they were disappointed with their results with commercial products. Save yourself a step, and start with professional whitening.


Which Teeth Whitening Option Is Right For You?

Earlier we mentioned that we offer two options for teeth whitening. Both can give you brighter, whiter smiles. So how do you know which is the right option for you?

In-office whitening

We use Zoom whitening products at our office for a simple reason. They work.

And if you want results as quickly as possible, then our in-office treatment is your best bet. This treatment takes about an hour to complete, and it can make teeth up to eight shades whiter in that time.

If you have a big event coming up such as a wedding or a class reunion, then this can give your smile a boost before you go.


Take-home whitening

Our take-home whitening can give you results that match our in-office treatment. It will just take a little longer to get there.

Even so, many people see this as a more convenient option. You can complete this treatment on your schedule at whatever time is convenient for you. You just need to use the product as directed to see big changes in a matter of a few weeks.

We even offer two kinds of take-home treatments. DayWhite is worn for a specified amount of time each day of the treatment while you are awake. NiteWhite can be worn while you sleep, so you can whiten your smile without taking any time out of your day.


The Benefits Of Teeth Whitening

Numerous surveys have shown that our smiles are one of the first things that people notice about one another. If you have yellow, stained teeth, you may not feel like smiling at all. That makes an impression on other people, too, even if it’s not the impression you are trying to make.

By removing the stains from your teeth, you can feel more confident about sharing your smile with the world. That can be in person or in pictures that are posted to social media.

Your sense of self-confidence can make a difference in your everyday life, too. For some people, that can make it easier to apply for a job. For others, it can make it easier to introduce themselves to a potential client at work.

And yes, having a white smile could make a difference in your romantic prospects. USA Today conducted a survey of single adults a few years ago. Both men and women listed teeth as the top thing they notice about someone they are thinking about dating.


Leave The Yellow For The Trees

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