Visit a Community-Minded Dentist [video]

Besides caring for his patients, Dr. Robert Nelson of A Perfect Smile loves to donate his time to worthy causes. He firmly believes in giving back to the Falmouth, ME community that has been so good to him. When you need care for your smile, you can trust Dr. Nelson to give the same attention to your unique needs. Whether it’s for a routine checkup, Invisalign orthodontics, or TMJ treatment, ...

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Is Your Smile Vacation-Worthy? [blog]

Now that summer is in full swing, you may be knee-deep planning your vacation getaway. Your attention may be consumed at the moment with coordinating and booking flights, hotels, rental cars, and planning fun activities. Don’t forget about your smile, though! Is it ready for your vacation? Or does it maybe need a little help to look better for your trip? If your smile isn’t quite what you ...

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Get Out of Pain With Our Emergency Dental Care [video]

You don’t need to suffer with a mouth that’s in pain. Call A Perfect Smile now and get out of pain soon. Emergency dental care from Dr. Nelson and our compassionate staff will: Stop your pain so you can feel better. Address your immediate dental need. Help uncover any underlying problems that need attention. Call our Falmouth, ME dentist office now to get out of pain: ...

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Restore & Replace What’s Missing from Your Mouth

If your teeth were perfectly healthy your entire life, then … … your smile would look fine. … you would be able to eat anything you wanted anytime. In real life, however, accidents happen. People’s teeth get cracked. People’s teeth break. People get cavities, and some people’s teeth fall out or get knocked out of their sockets. If any of those things have happened to you, ...

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Know Your Risk for Sleep Apnea (infographic)

Do you wake up feeling like you haven’t really slept? Does your partner’s constant snoring make it hard for you to sleep? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then it’s time for you to call (207) 536-3508 or fill out our online form. You should schedule a consultation at our Falmouth, ME dentist office. You or your loved one may be suffered from obstructive sleep apnea. ...

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Fighting Gum Disease is A Key to a Healthy Smile

In the United States, nearly 65 million people have an advanced form of gum disease called periodontitis. Our risk of getting gum disease increases as we get older, too. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that roughly half of all Americans 30 years and older have periodontitis. In comparison, 7 out of every 10 people 65 years and older have some form of this ...

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Save Your Tooth With a Root Canal [video]

          You don’t have to live with a painful, diseased tooth. Did you know that root canal treatment at A Perfect Smile can usually save your tooth? In our Falmouth, ME dentist office, Dr. Nelson uses this therapy to help his patients: Get out of pain in a single visit. Avoid having a tooth removed. Restore their oral health with ...

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Create a Confident Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

What is something that can help a new teacher, a car salesperson, and television news anchor? The answer is a great smile. If we’re being completely honest, a great smile can help absolutely anyone. At A Perfect Smile, we’ve seen the way cosmetic dentistry can change the appearance of countless smiles. More importantly, we’ve seen the emotional impact that change can have on ...

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Tooth Bonding – Quick & Simple Smile Repair [video]

            Tooth bonding makes quick work of tooth flaws like cracks, chips, stains, gaps, worn teeth, and uneven teeth. At A Perfect Smile in Falmouth, ME, Dr. Nelson uses composite resin bonding material for many types of simple smile repair. Dental bonding will: Make your smile more beautiful in just one visit. Boost your confidence when ...

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Invisalign – The Easier Way to an Even Smile [quiz]

          Did you know that many of our Invisalign patients complete their treatment in about 12 months, after which they enjoy a gorgeous new straight smile? If your teeth are crooked and uneven, you can get the same benefit from Invisalign treatment at our Falmouth, ME dentist office. At A Perfect Smile, Dr. Nelson will use Invisalign to: Straighten ...

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