Restore Teeth & Gums For Better Oral Health [PHOTO]

Gum disease is one of the most insidious, prevalent health threats we all face. Let us fight it together in Falmouth, ME! Dr. Nelson and our team at A Perfect Smile want to see you at least twice a year for dental cleanings and exams. When we catch signs of gum disease, or dental problems that could lead to it, we can take steps to keep your teeth and gums healthy and your oral health on ...

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Celebrate Gum Disease Awareness Month With A Perfect Smile

Think about your ideal smile. It probably includes straight, white teeth. But what about the gums? Your gums are the foundation of your smile, and if they’re not healthy, your smile will be worse off for it. February is Gum Disease Awareness Month, so the team at A Perfect Smile wanted to take a minute and share some information about gum disease. This infection of the tissue surrounding ...

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Don’t Let Sugar Make Your Family’s Smiles Bittersweet! [BLOG]

February at A Perfect Smile in Falmouth, ME is the perfect time of year to celebrate an important relationship. It’s Children’s Dental Health Month and Valentine’s Day! In that spirit, we’re talking about sugar and your family’s teeth. Dr. Nelson and our team want to make sure you’re not alone in the fight against tooth decay. So we’re sharing ways to enjoy the holiday ...

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A Perfect Smile At Any Age [VIDEO]

Jean had never been proud of her smile — that is, until she decided in her late-70s to do something about it. She visited Dr. Nelson at A Perfect Smile, and she had four dental veneers placed. With her dental insecurities concealed, Jean no longer thinks twice about smiling! She smiles all the time. Jean also continues to come to A Perfect Smile for all her dental needs because she ...

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5 Ways To Love Your Smile

This Valentine’s Day, why not do something nice for your smile? After all, your oral health reflects and influences your overall wellness, so it’s important to prioritize your teeth and gums! At A Perfect Smile, we offer a wide variety of services — from routine checkups to professional teeth whitening that brightens your smile in just an hour — that will allow you to spoil your smile. ...

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Love Your Smile Again With Dental Veneers

When you’re happy or with friends and someone cracks a joke, you should be able to smile wide and laugh heartily without hesitation. If you don’t like your smile, you might dismiss it as simply a cosmetic issue. But the truth is, insecurities like this can be quality of life issues too. At A Perfect Smile, we want to help you achieve a smile you’re proud to share with the world. And we’re ...

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The Importance Of Gum Disease Prevention And Treatment [VIDEO]

At A Perfect Smile, we believe that your oral health plays a large role in your overall wellness. “There's a big link between your oral health and your systemic health,” Dr. Nelson said. “So if you've got an infection going on in your mouth, it's going to go throughout your body.” That’s why we believe it’s so important to prevent gum disease and eradicate the infection quickly ...

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A Holistic Approach To Comfortable Root Canals

No one likes to hear that they need a root canal in order to save a badly decayed or damaged tooth. But when you look at the big picture, this one procedure can allow you to keep your natural teeth, which is better for your oral health in the long run. And at A Perfect Smile, we’re able to provide a holistic approach to comfortable root canal procedures that can be completed in just a single ...

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High-Quality Dental Care In A Spa-Like Environment [INFOGRAPHIC]

When you think of a dental office, do you automatically think of aggressive air conditioning and an unwelcoming, clinical feel? Well, at A Perfect Smile, we want to challenge your assumptions about what a dentist’s office can be. We’re able to offer high-quality dental care in a spa-like environment! From paraffin wax treatments to freshly baked cookies, our compassionate staff pulls out ...

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Straighten Your Teeth Without Metal Braces [VIDEO]

Like many orthodontics patients, Kate C. had braces as a kid. But, she didn’t regularly wear her retainer to maintain her straight smile. Her teeth shifted toward their original position. But thanks to Invisalign® from A Perfect Smile, Kate was able to straighten her teeth without metal braces. Needless to say, she loved the results Dr. Nelson helped her achieve! “I think I just look ...

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